Computer Virus Targets Patrollers Looking for Free E-Version of OEC 5 Manual

If you happened to have a Google alert set up to track the term “Ski Patrol”, you would have received a story touting a free e-version of the National Ski Patrol’s Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) 5th Edition. It’s unknown how long the hoax has been out there, but staff became aware of it on Saturday, 11 April. If you didn’t click on it you’re one of the lucky ones. Those that have tell a horrific tale of an insidious virus that many may still be attempting to eradicate from their systems, if it is even possible. OEC5 Free Edition Virus Hoax - do not visit this site!

The image to the left shows a copy of one such hoax alert heralding “Outdoor Emergency Care 5th Edition by National Ski Patrol Staff”, from a site named The last three letters of that website name have been deliberately changed to avoid anyone inadvertently clicking on that link. All you need to do is visit the site to unleash the virus. Do not click on the link or put the address into your browser, or your system may be infected.

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