Breckenridge Ski Patrol Blows Up “Leo’s Pot Shack” After Inside Edition Report on Colorado Stoners

The Breckenridge Ski Patrol obliterated “Leo’s Pot Shack” following an Inside Edition report pointed out some of the safety risks posed by the now quasi-legal use of marijuana on some Colorado ski slopes. This follows the legalization of marijuana by Colorado voters in late 2012. The video below shows the shack as it was reportedly being blown up by the Breckenridge Patrol.

Voters passed Colorado Amendment 64 on 6 November 2012, a ballot measure amending the state constitution with a statewide drug policy for marijuana. The amendment was enacted as Article 18, section 16 of the Colorado constitution, which now allows personal use and regulation of marijuana for adults 21 and over. It also allows commercial cultivation, manufacture and sale of canabis, which effectively regulates the substance in a manner similar to alcohol. The first pot stores opened on 1 January 2014.

Inside edition placed hidden cameras in Leo’s, and later interviewed some of the riders that smoked there. The multi-level pot shack, formerly known to locals as “Leo’s” was constructed without authorization, and on US Federal land. Since marijuana remains illegal under Federal law, smoking pot at that location was not legal.

The Inside Edition film crew then followed several of those Breckenridge resort guests, who were admittedly stoned, down the slopes. The riders appear to be having great difficulty staying vertical, narrowly avoiding several collisions. Click play on the video clip below to see the full Inside Edition report.

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