NSP Searches for New Executive Director

National Ski Patrol (NSP) Executive Director, Timothy White, resigned from the NSP and the search for his successor is under way. White unofficially announced his resignation at an April meeting of the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) in Palm Springs. A rushed member communication came from the NSP National Office within a few days of the NSAA session.
Former NSP Executive Director, Tim White

White left the NSAA in 2007, where he served as Education Director, to join the NSP as Executive Director. His resignation was effective 31 July 2013, but he left around 15 May upon the appointment of Darcy Hanley, the NSP’s Education Director. Ms. Hanley now serves as NSP “Managing Director”, a temporary position, until a successor for Mr. White is found. The NSP formally announced its search for a new Executive Director on 27 June.

The following was the NSP Board statement on 3 May when Tim White submitted his resignation:

“Tim White, the National Ski Patrol’s executive director, announced this week that he will not be extending his contract beyond July 31, 2013. He presented his intentions to the board of directors and his staff earlier this week. Tim has served the National Ski Patrol as executive director for the past six years. His dedication and leadership have been valued by members, staff, and industry partners. Information about a search will be announced in the coming months.”

Mr. White’s former employer, the NSAA, has had a close relationship with the NSP and rents the top floor in the Colorado building that the NSP built 30 years ago. The NSAA and NSP have had a Joint Statement of Understanding governing their relationship for many years. It was updated in October 2011 by Tim White and NSAA President Michael Berry. The NSAA and NSP share the facilities in Lakewood, Colorado, at 133 South Van Gordon Street, with the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA). The NSP completed construction of its Colorado headquarters in 1983, but later sold an undivided third of its equity interest in the building, now known as the National Center for Ski Associations, to the PSIA for undisclosed reasons. The NSAA rents the top floor of the facility, and the NSP’s offices are on the first floor.

Burt Mitchell and Tim White at Stowe, Fall 2013

White’s tenure at the NSP was punctuated by member initiatives to have him removed from office. Allegations of Mr. White’s reported conduct were detailed on-line at MemberAction.org in early 2013. According to Ski-Patrol.net sources, the NSP conducted its own investigation into the report and concluded that the allegations were not based on facts that were able to be confirmed at that time.

Mr. White is pictured to the right with former NSP Chairman, Burt Mitchell, who also abruptly resigned a few months ago. White also became a volunteer ski patroller recently, patrolling at Colorado’s Sol Vista at Granby Ranch ski areas. There has been no report from the NSP as to whether or not Tim White will continue to serve as a patroller.

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  1. If Tim White announced that he will not be extending his contract beyond July 31, 2013 he resigned. How did National Ski Patrol end up footing the bill for him to collect Colorado unemployment benefits?

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